Digital Marketer – Tribu


Digital marketing needs to be your jam. If you find yourself randomly googling SEM tricks or saving social media ads to use as inspiration for future campaigns… well, this just might be for you. At Tribu, this role is big and is paired with implied leadership responsibility. For individuals who thrive in this role, digital marketing isn’t new to them. They’ve been at it a few years. What excites them about this role is having a Tribe of amazing resources and people to collaborate with – award-winning designers, web designers, and content marketers. Most exciting are the brands and mighty businesses you are marketing for – their variety and notoriety. As a Digital Marketer at Tribu, you have the largest effect on our overall outcome of building Tribes for the brands we serve. It’s the opposite of boring. It’s for fast-paced self-starters who enjoy digital marketing as a passion while admiring entrepreneurship and business. Individuals who thrive in this role maintain ownership for these three things, constantly:

  • Category: Web design
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Posted: 06/07/2021